LeTip Member Testimonials

Here are a few testimonials. Some of our members have been part of LeTip of Sacramento for – believe it or not – 25+ years. A sure sign that LeTip is working for them.

Kymla B. Avatar
Kymla B.
5 star rating

LeTip of Sacramento has been the best decision I have made. It has helped grow my business and I have grown personally and professionally. Highly recommend LeTip!

Gregg A. Avatar
Gregg A.
5 star rating

I look forward to meeting here every week. We have a awesome group of business professionals.

Marlene S. Avatar
Marlene S.
5 star rating

LeTip of Sacramento is the best networking group I have ever seen! I've been in LeTip since 2006 & would not consider any other networking group. Through LeTip of Sacramento I've established many professional relationships with so many fine businesses! We only allow one member in each professional category to ensure each member gets all the business leads in his or her area of expertise. It is well worth meeting each week with so many great people!

Matt Thome Avatar
Matt Thome

LeTip is a professional organization with the highest standard of professionals. Everyone in the group acts with integrity and pride and they are a joy to be around. If you are looking to further your professional development and grow your business you must join this group!

Raft Rentals Avatar
Raft Rentals

LeTip of Sacramento exceeds any degree of expectation one could enlist on a professional networking group. It's members are some of Sacramento's most dignified business owners. Being able to trade ideas and leads with so many brilliant minds is worth far more than the low price of the membership (which hardly covers the cost of the weekly breakfast at the prestigious Sutter Club). In my opinion, it is crucial for any individual seeking prosperity in their career to include a network of successful and accomplished community leaders in their business plan. This group has become like a second family to me that constantly helps to build my business with warm referrals. Beyond the additional income I've generated through the leads of this groups 50 or so members, their encouragement in making me a better public speaker and more successful business owner is invaluable. Conveying my gratitude for this group is beyond any eloquence I am capable of in depicting my appreciation and fond sentiment towards every member of my LeTip family.

In short, LeTip of Sacramento is a blessing that I hope all will one day have the distinct pleasure of being a part of.

Kent Hansen, Owner
American River Raft Rentals
"Lets go rafting!"

Troy Bird Avatar
Troy Bird
Joined 05/1992, Guild Mortgage

I have been a member of LeTip of Sacramento over twenty years; I have found LeTip to be the single most important advertising dollar I spend. LeTip has allowed me to create life-long friendships and the ability to refer my clients to quality individual whom I know and trust.

Diana S. Avatar
Diana S.
5 star rating

This association of professionals are as upbeat and positive as it gets! They truly care about each other's business needs, and support one another.

Harold N. Avatar
Harold N.
5 star rating

I have been to more than a few networking groups in my Insurance career and this is absolutely one of the best groups I have been a part of. It continues to be the best for relationships with people who want to grow your business as well as to work with people you can develop long term relationships with. The more you invest time wise in your membership, the more it can and does deliver to you in your business, better speaking skills and relationship development. My membership since 2012 has paid for itself many times over and I am far from alone in that experience. If you are looking to grow your business you would be making a mistake not to visit LeTip of Sacramento for one of our breakfast meetings and see why so many keep coming back.

Chad Riffe Avatar
Chad Riffe

I have been a member of LeTip since 2017. The business leads are great for building new clients. For me, the biggest benefit has been having breakfast with so many professionals. I always leave in a great mood because of the positive vibe from everyone! We are all there to help each other grow professionally and I love that I get to be a part of it!!

Alan B. Avatar
Alan B.
5 star rating

I have been a member of LeTip of Sacramento for more than 10 years, and there are members who have been there for more than 25. Building long-term relationships with a variety of professionals has created a level of knowledge and trust that you simply won't find with more casual networking organizations. And the fact that there is only one member in each business category means that all the referrals in that category go to that member.

If you're looking for a way to boost your business overnight, LeTip - especially this chapter - may not be for you. But if you're looking for long-term sustainable growth, you won't find a better organization.

Tony Vivilacqua Avatar
Tony Vivilacqua
Joined 11/2006, Waste Removal & Recycling

I joined LeTip of Sacramento because I thought I would meet new people and receive business leads. I was right but, I had no idea how good for me and my business it would be! My business has grown more than financially because of LeTip. It has grown as a Business. It works better because LeTip has helped me be better! I have developed skills I never had before. I have developed relationships with people that I never would have met because I have built a network of business partners through LeTip of Sacramento. What a great opportunity! I am proud to be part of this powerful group.

Lisa R. Ollar Avatar
Lisa R. Ollar
Joined 01/2015, M.O.A. Deposition Reporters

Lucky for me, my LeTip group has 6 attorneys with various specialties, and I am building relationships with those attorneys and receiving work from them. However, the main reason I joined LeTip, was to stretch my comfort zone and to grow as a business owner. I’ve been a licensed court reporter for 35-plus years and running a three-office court reporting & deposition business for 24 of those years, but this is my first experience being involved in a “network.” I can honestly say, I feel like I’m just now learning how to really grow my business, thanks to LeTip of Sacramento. Each week I am impressed by my fellow LeTip members. I now have my own network of 30+ go-to people for just about anything I need. They are my resources. If I need an attorney, plumber, insurance agent, real estate agent, chiropractor, public relations agent or a business strategist, and a whole host of other professional services, I have my LeTip family to drawn upon – and to refer others to. I’m finding that, as my time in the group increases, they are becoming my “friends.” That’s the secret, I think, to growing any business is networking with business associates who you count as friends, helping one another succeed. If you are considering whether LeTip might be beneficial for you, I’d say the answer is an emphatic “YES!!” I now have a 30-member – and growing – marketing team advancing my business – and I don’t have to pay workers’ compensation for them to boot!

Olha Melokhina Avatar
Olha Melokhina

I enjoy this group, this is where I build strong business and trust does that are part of the group. In group we have amazing people and all of them best professionals in their field. This is very powerful networking group!

Patty A. Avatar
Patty A.
5 star rating

Great way to start my morning with the energy of these business owners! Thank you for being so welcoming!

Alan Barnes Avatar
Alan Barnes
Joined 11/2008, Law Office of Alan R. Barnes

Joining LeTip of Sacramento was the best thing I’ve ever done for my law practice. Referrals from fellow members have become a primary source of new business. And it’s impossible to overstate the importance of the relationships I’ve developed, on both a personal and a professional level.

Veronika M. Avatar
Veronika M.
5 star rating

This is a powerful networking group with many major connectors in the Sacramento business community. This group has helped me grow my business and take it to the next level. Check it out if you are looking for more business.

Mitch G. Avatar
Mitch G.
5 star rating

With a membership of 50+ and comprised mostly of business owners, partners or senior level executives, LeTip of Sacramento is one of, if not THE top networking group in the Sacramento region. I've been successful in a number of networking groups locally over the last 30 years and can say with certainty that LeTip of Sacramento stands head and shoulders above the rest. Highly recommended for any business wanting to expand their networking reach and ROI.

Chad Riffe Avatar
Chad Riffe

I have been a member of LeTip since 2017. The business leads are great for building new clients, for me the biggest benefit has been having breakfast with so many professionals. I always leave in a great mood because of the positive vibe from everyone! We are all there to help each other grow professionally and I love that I get to be apart of it!!

Kale A. Avatar
Kale A.
5 star rating

As far as growing my business network nothing has never had such a great ROI. Amazing team who has your back and is always promoting eachothers business. Huge group about 50 members

Greg F. Avatar
Greg F.
5 star rating

This has to be the best group of business owners and executives I could POSSIBLY spend my Tuesday mornings with! Great group to belong to.

Robert K. Avatar
Robert K.
5 star rating

Great set of professionals. Always looking for the best interests of the clients. A great way to grow a business.

Tiffany W. Avatar
Tiffany W.
5 star rating

Great bunch of people who have your back and want to help you grow your business. Come for breakfast and check us out.

Luba C. Avatar
Luba C.
5 star rating

A place where you can build your strong business relationships, get to know the decision makers and get strong referrals.

Nick M. Avatar
Nick M.
5 star rating

I've been a member of this LeTip chapter for nearly 3 years and in this short time my business has benefited tremendously! I started my business as the owner/operator but now have 2 employees and looking to expand even more in 2019. Not only has LeTip of Sacramento helped my business grow, it has also helped me grow personally as a public speaker and a leader. Many of my best clients can be traced back to the referrals I have received from this group. Members are the very best in their industry and I am proud to be a part of their sales team! Not to mention, meeting at the Sutter Club every Tuesday morning for breakfast is rewarding in itself. I highly recommend paying LeTip of Sacramento a visit to see if it is a right fit for your business.

David Foos Avatar
David Foos

I am a member of this organization and it has been an incredible boon to my business. The group is comprised of 45-50 business people and has the goal of growing the business of each member. Each member is required to generate 4 warm leads per month for the other members. The group has brought me lots of business and been very profitable for me. The group meets every Tuesday morning at the Sutter Club downtown. I would highly recommend the group to anyone.

Alexandra Goedrich Avatar
Alexandra Goedrich
Joined 4/2016, VIVIDDD Design & Development

I saw and immediate increase in business and have made amazing friendships since joining LeTip of Sacramento. Members are extremely professional and pass Tips whenever they can to help you grow your business. You get to learn more about other members so it becomes easy to refer ‘hot leads’. I am so glad I tagged along for a free breakfast when one of my friends invited me. Thank you Veronika.

David Frenznick Avatar
David Frenznick
Joined 03/1999, Wilke Fleury LLP

Real estate attorneys are not easy to tip. It was fully two years before I received anything of consequence. Now, after nearly 20 years as a member, about 20 per cent of my business has some connection to LeTip. It’s about business relationships and that is what LeTip delivers.

Annette V. Avatar
Annette V.
5 star rating

No other club as professional as this one. I've been a member for 4 years and the relationships I've built in this chapter will last forever. My business has grown and profited as a result of these relationships and I highly recommend you come visit.

Marcel W. Avatar
Marcel W.
5 star rating

They are a great group of professionals! They are like family and are committed to your success and the success of your business.

Age Advantage S. Avatar
Age Advantage S.
5 star rating

This group is great! Everyone supports one another and the group disallows conflicts of interests. It is unique in that regard, and the group is like a family!