Member Roster


Board Members

Nick Millan

The Detailing Pros Sacramento
Member since: August 2016
Category: Auto Detailer

(559) 679-5861

Alan Barnes
Vice President

Law Offices of Alan R. Barnes
Member since: November 2008
Category: Attorney Personal Injury

(916) 483-8241

Kymla Birchette

American River Bank
Member since: December 2016
Category: Banker

(916) 231-6103


Brian Bertossa

Cook Brown LLP
Member since: March 2017
Category: Attorney Labor and Employment

(916) 329-3604

Mitch Guidry
Tip Master

Future Energy Savers
Member since: July 2018
Category: Solar Energy Systems

(916) 686-3008

Marlene Sanborn
Past President

Sanborn Law, P.C.
Member since: July 2013
Category: Attorney Wills Trusts and Estates

(916) 782-8188

John Walston
Membership Chair

TRI Commercial
Member since: April 2018
Category: Real Estate Commercial

(916) 677-8128

Chair Members

Pam Drouin
Program Director

Heartland Payroll & HR
Member since: December 2018
Category: Payroll Service

(916) 220-3347

Kathy Platz
Visitation Chair

Schwartz, Platz & Associates
Member since: November 1999
Category: C.P.A.

(916) 489-1697

Chad Riffe

Nor Cal Auto Body
Member since: March 2014
Category: Auto Body Repair

(916) 722-4361

Gregg Anderson

Anderson Chiropractic
Member since: May 1996
Category: Chiropractor

(916) 485-5433

David Frenznick
Ethics Chair

Wilke Fleury LLP
Member since: March 1999
Category: Attorney Real Estate

(916) 441-2430

Troy Bird

Guild Mortgage
Member since: May 1992
Category: Mortgage Loans

(916) 977-1234

Aida Swanson
Business Mixer

Swanson Benefits Insurance Solutions
Member since: June 2019
Category: Insurance Employee Benefits

(707) 688-4955


Alexandra Goedrich
Website Coordinator

VIVIDDD Web Design
Member since: May 2016
Category: Internet Web Design

(916) 213-5634

David Bukhantsov
Social Media Chair

Devad Studios
Member since: June 2018
Category: Marketing

(916) 288-7909


Abigail Kane-Berghash

American River Therapeutic Massage
Member since: August 2012
Category: Massage Therapist

(916) 531-3352

Acme Lee

NEO Escape Rooms
Member since: May 2019
Category: Entertainment

(916) 335-2263

Alex Watkins

Member since: April 2019
Category: Insurance Supplements

(504) 421-2316

Anthony Cline

Member since: June 2019
Category: Insurance Property and Casualty

(916) 878-8370

Bill McKnight

Appraisal Ace
Member since: February 2018
Category: Appraiser

(916) 743-7085

Cheri Simmons

Law Offices of Cheri L Simmons PC
Member since: June 2013
Category: Attorney Family Law

(916) 688-4145

Chris Dahlberg

Dahlberg Construction
Member since: February 2020
Category: Contractor General

(916) 320-9232

David Foos

Foos Gavin Law Firm
Member since: March 2017
Category: Attorney Criminal Law

(916) 779-3500

Douglas Covill

Coldwell Banker
Member since: August 1992
Category: Real Estate Residential

(916) 341-7790

Eric Ayubi

Ayubi Electric Inc
Member since: June 2014
Category: Contractor Electrical

(916) 684-1221

Gary Henson
Member since: December 2019
Category: Coach Business

(916) 922-7766

Glen Drouin

Harbor HW
Member since: July 2019
Category: Human Resources

(916) 293-2116

Gregory Smart

Sky Insurance Brokers
Member since: December 2019
Category: Insurance Life Health and Disability

(916) 352-3044

John Signorotti

The Signorotti Company
Member since: April 1992
Category: Financial Advisor

(916) 399-5680

Kale Adams

Always Shine
Member since: April 2018
Category: Window Cleaning

(916) 598-9110

Lori LeRoy

Accuracy-Plus Reporting Inc
Member since: January 2019
Category: Court Reporter

(916) 787-4277

Marcelle Flowers

Armstrong Plumbing, Inc.
Member since: February 2014
Category: Contractor Plumbing

(916) 641-0889

Mario Lopez

Attic-Man Heating & Air
Member since: September 2019
Category: Heating and Air Conditioning

(916) 520-9566

Russell VanNorman

Capital Legal Video
Member since: May 2017
Category: Videographer

(916) 735-7256

Steve Borba

BuckMaster Office
Member since: December 2019
Category: Copiers Fax

(916) 545-0680

Tigran Mikayelyan

CoCard Business
Member since: May 2019
Category: Bankcard Services

(916) 572-5817

Tim Goldthwaite

OK Tire & Automotive Stores, Inc.
Member since: February 2002
Category: Auto and Truck Repair

(916) 331-2751

Tony Vivilacqua

Waste Removal and Recycling
Member since: November 2006
Category: Waste Services

(916) 453-1400

Xai Lor
Xai Lor, Inc. Member since: September 2019 Category: Martial Arts (916) 382-9058
Yan Kit Chan

Ceniom, Inc.
Member since: March 2018
Category: Computer Consultant

(800) 403-3204

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