LeTip of Sacramento

Building Relationships

Networking is the foundation of our organization. Weekly meetings allow for unique opportunities to meet others and build lasting relationships

Share Business

As a professional business organization, Le Tip’s main goal is to generate new business leads for its members.

Increase Revenue

The continued passing of “tips” or qualified business leads mean an increase in sales and revenue for your products or services 

Why Choose LeTip of Sacramento

  • Exchange valuable business tips which turns into $$$. Members will work to provide you with qualified business leads.
  • Members provide access to clients you would not otherwise be able to contact.
  • There are no outside speakers. Members identify themselves and their product or service at each meeting.
  • You will be able to display your product or service on a predetermined schedule.
  • No conflicts of interest are allowed. Your competition can’t join once you’ve joined
  • The format LeTip has developed is over 20 years in creation. It works!

    What can we say about LeTip?

    Tony Vivilacqua
    I joined LeTip of Sacramento because I thought I would meet new people and receive business leads. I was right but, I had no idea how good for me and my business it would be! My business has grown more than financially because of LeTip. It has grown as a Business. It works better because LeTip has helped me be better! I have developed skills I never had before. I have developed relationships with people that I never would have met because I have built a network of business partners through LeTip…
    Tony VivilacquaWaste Removal & Recycling

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